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Apple iOS 10.3 added support for VoLTE for Russian users of iPhone

Do iPhone users have the opportunity to make calls through the fourth generation network – VoLTE. Previously the service was only available for some Android smartphones.

Moscow MegaFon has launched a service of voice over networks fourth generation mobile communication standard LTE in September of last year. Traditional international name of this VoLTE services, but in “the Megaphone” it was called “HD voice, 4G”. With the release of iOS 10.3 to use the service, users can iPhone.

Voice over 4G networks has several advantages, especially if both parties involved in the join, have the support of this function. The voice quality is much above standard, and the speed of connection is relatively small – about 2 seconds.

Also, the VoLTE feature allows the subscriber to interrupt an Internet session on LTE at the time of telephone conversation. Internet access is not interrupted and is connected to the mobile devices (if the smartphone used as a hotspot).

VoLTE support for “MegaFon” at no extra cost. For inclusion, you need to activate “HD voice, 4G”, update the settings and restart the phone. Confirm the registration status (28.3) in the section Settings -> General -> About. Here you need to click once on the string “Operator”, there should be an inscription “Registered IMS”.

In the near future it is expected an update for subscribers of “Beeline”.

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