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Apple invented the futuristic gadget is a scroll with scrolling display

Edition PatentlyApple announced a new patent application of Apple on a mobile device with an unusual design: a collapsible gadget, resembling an old scroll.

Apple is developing a gadget that folding in the cylinder. This is evidenced by the application for a patent filed in the patent and trademark office in August 2015.

Mobile device, Apple described in a patent application, represents a two cylinder of small diameter on which side the buttons are. Inside the cylinder is rolled screen. It can be made with OLED technology and has a flexible polymer base. The user can expand the screen by pulling one of the holders clips.

Electric roller to roll the display is located within the cylinder, located at the edges. These parts of the body, as noted, can be made from a single piece of aluminium and glass, ceramic, composite, plastic or other material.

In the storage compartments of the screens can be integrated with electronic components – chip, sensors, battery, etc. it is possible to build two cameras that will allow to obtain three-dimensional stereoscopic image.

The cylinders in the folded state are fixed by magnets, connecting with each other. Apple also describes a mechanism, which after deployment will not allow the display to fold back.

The specified patent is not the only application from Apple describing a mobile device in an unusual performance. Vendor actively explores possible directions of development of the design. In August 2016, Apple has registered a patent for a “digital periodical” is an electronic newspaper that can be rolled into a tube.

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