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Apple introduced new colors of the iPod nano and iPod shuffle

Simultaneously with the release of the new generation iPod touch, Apple has updated its line of compact iPod nano and iPod shuffle. The device became available in new colours space grey, silver, pink, gold and blue.

iPod nano was introduced in the fall of 2012 along with the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5G. seventh generation iPod nano was the thinnest Apple in this series, its thickness is only 5.4 mm (38% less than its predecessor). The device Home button, touch screen and wireless module Bluetooth 4.0. First player was thicker and had a square shape with clip for attaching to clothing.

The smallest in the line of iPod shuffle was updated in 2010. He was smaller than the previous model and got what was needed by the predecessor of a button. The current version of the shuffle has buttons similar to the Click Wheel. Initially, the player was represented in five colors – silver, green, blue, orange and pink, but now Apple has changed the color scheme, which is represented by models in silver, gold, gray, pink, blue and red. iPod shuffle has gained popularity very diverse audience for the compact size and low cost.

Prices on iPod nano and iPod shuffle in connection with a change in color palette is not changed. The iPod nano 16 GB will cost 10 990 rubles, 2-Gigabyte iPod shuffle can be purchased for 3690 rubles.

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