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Apple introduced iOS 12

At the conference for developers WWDC 2018, Apple announced iOS 12 for developers. The first beta version will be released today. It will be available for all devices starting from iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

The presentation began with the fact that Craig Federighi talked about iOS main chips 12 is improved performance. According to him, the company has paid great attention to performance on older devices. Applications run 40% faster, the keyboard appears 50% faster, the camera offers up to 70% faster on older devices.

The Photos app has a new tab For you. There the best photos taken on a particular day, month or year. Apple also improved the search and recognition of objects. You can now specify multiple terms when searching for images.

In Siri shortcuts. You can add your own phrase after which start a certain application. In iOS 12, there are a few preset phrases and integrated applications, not to write your own shortcuts.

Apple announced that from now on, some system applications will be integrated with each other. In the “Action” added block of Apple News, and in the “Recorder” appeared to sync via iCloud.

In iOS 12 introduced features that should help users to spend less time with the smartphone. In the “do Not disturb” at night will not be displayed notice. Instead, it will display the time and weather. In the morning, the smartphone will greet the user, but will not show notifications.

Notifications are now grouped together. However, they can be grouped not only by type of application, but also in meaning. In addition, Siri will offer turn off notifications from the applications.

The system will display a feature that tracks the amount of time spent in each application. The user can choose in the settings to limit the time that is given to one application per day. For example, you can specify that the use of Instagram should be no more than 10 minutes a day. After some time a message will appear which says that it is time to close the application.

Apple has added Animoji and introduced a feature Memoji is Emoji, which are based on the user’s behalf. 12 pre-installed in the iOS designer, Memoji, which allows you to change the tone of skin, shape and hair color.

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