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Apple introduced ARPKit 2: augmented reality will finally become useful

AR technology will soon allow to measure the items dynamically to display new content, and work (or play) in cooperative mode.

Apple few minutes ago presented iOS 12, after which the stage WWDC came Abhay Paradis, Executive Vice President and CTO of Adobe.

He spoke about a new stage of cooperation between Apple and Adobe, which iOS will be a new application for developers in the field of augmented reality (Augmented Reality, AR). This application will allow, for example, to insert in the AR projection of images and text.

Parnis compared the capabilities of the new product with the technology of WYSIWYG, which allows programs to dynamically display the content that they receive.

Innovation is made possible thanks to a new file format called AR USDZ. Apple developed the format USDZ in collaboration with the Studio Pixar.

When Paradis left the stage, his place again took Craig Federighi and spoke about a new tool, powered by AR technology, called Measure. This app, as the name suggests, measures the size near the camera, in all three dimensions.

ARKit 2 and Lego

Craig Federighi with a large live proudly presented by ARKit 2, which allows several iPhone and iPad users to interact with AR objects simultaneously. In addition, a new set of tools for developers to earn improved facial recognition system, a more realistic display of objects, detection of objects in 3D space much more.

To demonstrate ARKit 2 on stage WWDC came the Director of innovation Lego Martin Sanders. He launched the AR demonstration with Lego city on the iPad, which can “play” up to four people.

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Lego sets will appear in the App Store later this year.

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