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Apple introduced a new website design technical support

On Saturday, Apple rolled out a new website design, Apple support. The resource update was delayed for a long time and now users are offered a modern portal with convenient search and clear sections.

Apple Support is for technical support of owners “Apple” products. In the updated version the company has added a feature that has long been awaited for the iPhone and iPad. It is a “smart” navigation and enter the names of the problem immediately offers ready-made answers to similar errors and the ability to quickly jump to the desired article.

It is necessary to tell and about the main menu of the portal, which also facilitates site navigation. It lists the Apple devices, which could be difficult: Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, iTunes. Button “More products” provides additional partition points Support, Apple Music, iPod, iCloud, AirPort, OS X, and AppleCare. The distinction Apple makes Support much easier.

On the main page of the site appeared more useful instructions, which allow to solve the most common problems. Despite the fact that the overall structure Apple Support largely preserved, the navigation became significantly easier.

In the new version of the resource has acquired a new heading “Popular topics”. It is designed for collection of various informative guides and instructions. Now you can find the article “Manage Apple ID”, “Photographing and managing snapshots” and “you Have the first iPhone?”.

Judging by the comments in social networks, users are generally satisfied with an updated interface and note that the use of a website has become much easier. To get acquainted with the new design Apple Support by clicking this link.

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