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Apple introduced a new web interface App Store-style iOS 11

The updated design replaces an outdated and clunky interface, the App Store online.

New style of the app store have adopted all the main features of the App Store from iOS 11. On the updated web page is depicted the larger the application name. It is preceded by the words “This application is only available in the App Store for iOS devices”.

A little below is a description of the program or game, its screenshots, update information, reviews and some details. These include the size of the application, compatibility with Apple devices, etc.

In the framework of the redesign is now the user sees a screenshot with the iPhone X if the program is optimized for its display. If not, then the web interface will show images from past iPhone models.

Last year, a similar redesign has undergone a web version of Apple Music. Now interfaces music service and app store will be familiar to anyone who encountered them on iOS.

Sooner or later, the transition to the new design was supposed to happen, given Apple’s decision about removing the App Store from iTunes. In iTunes, 12.7, released in September 2017, lost ringtones, iTunes U and the App Store with all applications. 9 Oct Apple has released version 12.6.3 for the corporate segment, which returns the lost functions.

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