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Apple intends to prevent the adoption of the law, which will allow you to repair iPhone for everyone

In January of this year, the government of Nebraska, new York, Kansas, Minnesota and Massachusetts announced a bill which would legalize the so-called “right to repair” electronic devices, including the iPhone. If the law is passed, then device manufacturers will be obliged to sell spare parts to independent workshops and regular users.

According to the authors of the bill, the Apple and other large electronics manufacturers have to sell parts and kits for independent workshops and private clients. In addition, companies will have to spread in open access service and diagnostic manual. Since the number of States that supported the initiative, had increased to eight.

The bill is aimed at eliminating the model of “authorized service centers”, which adheres to most manufacturers. While the authors are convinced that such centers set inflated prices for repairs. And the usual workshops have to order components in China or take the parts failed equipment to compete with distribution centers.

Apple does not hide their plans to fight the initiative. A hearing on this matter will be held March 9 in Lincoln, Nebraska. As reported by informed sources, the iPhone maker will be sent to the hearing of his employee, or lobbyist that will act against the law.

One of the arguments that are going to take advantage of Apple is that attempts by users to repair their smartphones can ignite the batteries.

The bill is progressing lobbying company, which represents the interests of independent repair shops. In the past lobbyists Apple and IBM have successfully not allowed to pass such a law, which was discussed by the authorities of new York.

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