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Apple intends to invest $2.5 billion in factory LG producing OLED displays for iPhone

Apple and LG Display is actively discussing the possibility of investing large sums in new production lines, LG Display, according to trade publication The Investor. The new facility will manufacture OLED displays for a new iPhone.

According to the source, the amount of investment can range from $1.7 to $2.6 billion While the exact timing and the details are not yet approved. The LG believe that this will give the opportunity not to give the market of OLED panels to Chinese companies, vigorously developing the production of this product. However, the final decision should be made by the leadership of LG Display.

At the moment 95% of the market of OLED panels belongs to Samsung, which is not very good for the industry as a whole. Support LG Display is another attempt to reduce the dependence of the iPhone maker from the South Korean Corporation.

Presumably, the new plant, LG Display called the E6 will produce 30,000 OLED panels of the sixth generation. They will be designed exclusively for the new iPhone.

By 2020, LG intends to produce at least 120 000 panels per month. For comparison, Samsung Display already produces almost two times more OLED panels.

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