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Apple intends to include cars in the scope of trademark protection iCloud

In confirmation of the rumours about the development of the electric vehicle under the brand Apple company from Cupertino has registered his name on the production vehicles. Information about this has resource Patentlyapple.

Last week, the American giant computer electronics has applied for the iCloud trademark registration in the European patent office. Four years ago, Apple has already applied for registration of this trademark in Europe, USA and China, and now the Corporation intends to expand its action.

The most interesting addition, in addition to class hours, leather articles and tobacco products, lighters and matches, is the inclusion of a class for vehicles. It covers “apparatus for locomotion by land, air, water or rail; console, which is part of the interior of the car; instrument panel; interior car parts and interior finishing of automobiles; anti-theft device; anti-theft alarm” and other categories.

In March of this year Apple officially became a manufacturer of vehicles. We are not talking only about the car – the company may issue even airplanes or boats. From the document follows that the company received can be ordered: vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; components for vehicles, railway cars and locomotives, ships and planes; anti-theft system; anti-theft devices for vehicles; bicycles; cars Golf; wheelchairs; air pumps; motorcycles; parts and components for these products.

Despite the fact that the category “vehicles” can be interpreted broadly, recent rumors and patents indicate that in Cupertino are developing the car. Its preparation is carried out in the framework of the Titan project.

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The idea to release the so-called iCar were studied under Steve Jobs. The Apple car, according to some reports, the company plans to release through 2019.

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