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Apple intends to improve the performance of cloud services by switching on a single platform

Apple has embarked on a long-term project to unify its server infrastructure for their Internet services, such as Apple Maps, iCloud, and Siri. It is reported Dailycomm with reference to The Information.

Apple intends to integrate its cloud services within a single platform, built on technologies and open source. This project is planned to be developed over the next few years. It will be overseen by chief engineer Patrick gates, who joined Apple after the acquisition of NeXT in 1997.

Currently iCloud, Apple Music and other cloud products use various independent software platform linking services with server equipment. These platforms are often incompatible with each other, which complicates the integration of services because of the need to increase computing resources.

Apple decided to create “organized infrastructure” that will combine web services company, will facilitate the scaling of programs and will allow you to change them on the fly. This software platform will fall freely distributable stack of Apache Mesos, which Apple recently relocated its voice assistant Siri.

The manufacturer of iPhone and iPad paying more attention to Open Source software and often asks its developers to share source code than before. Apple uses Open Source technologies like Hadoop, HBase, Elasticsearch, Reak, Kafka, Azkaban and Voldemort. In this case, Apple does not want to send to the public, many of their developments.

Due to the products with open source code, the Corporation intends to improve its infrastructure, accelerating the work of the web services and to make content delivery more efficient.

In June 2015, Bloomberg reported that Apple is building a high speed network transfer of content and plans to upgrade their data centers with their own equipment to better compete with Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other cloud providers.

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