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Apple intends to beat Samsung in the main

In March Samsung introduced its new flagship, the Galaxy S8. The main feature of novelty was “limitless” OLED display, which occupies almost the entire front panel of the smartphone. He is considered to be the main competitive advantage of iPhone 7.

But Apple is not sitting idly by and intend to answer the South Korean company. Of course, to outdo the competitor in the next smartphone model will not work, even if the rumors prove true and the company will install in iPhone 8 OLED display, so as to supply screens for the new will Samsung. But the iPhone model 2018 can get better screens micro-LED.

According to Business Korea, next year the change will come OLED displays, micro-LED, which will be thinner and much more effective than their alternatives. In April 2015, Apple has created in Northern Taiwan laboratory for the development and research panels micro-LED, the production of which currently costs more than the OLED screens which in turn are more expensive than conventional LCD displays ceteris paribus.

In 2014, Apple acquired the manufacturer of micro-LED displays LexVue. Then the observers told that this is a direct proof that Apple is ready to abandon third-party suppliers of screens for their devices.

Experts believe that the technology of micro-LED is suitable receiver OLED panels. And Apple should be the first company that will move displays, micro-LED to the masses.

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