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Apple intends to appeal the EC decision on the recovery of 13 billion euros in unpaid taxes

Apple will appeal the decision of the European Commission (EC) on the reimbursement by the Corporation in favor of Ireland of tax deductions in the amount of €13 billion. this was stated by the General counsel of Apple, Bruce, Sewell.

According to him, Apple is going to prove that it in fact made a “scapegoat” only on the basis of the success of her brand.

“Apple is an easy target because the company name appeared in the titles of many articles printed. This circumstance allows the Commissioner to become famous as a Danish girl in 2016,” – said the lawyer.

Sewell argued that the EC not only failed to take into account, but even not familiar with the arguments in favor of Apple, presented by leading scholars of Ireland.

The European Commissioner for competition said earlier about the “difference in understanding” with the US Treasury Department amid accusations of Apple’s tax violations. Vestager also rejected criticism of the U.S. Treasury and explained that the EC decision is based on the rules of subsidy, which does not allow individual EU countries to enter into tax deals that are not available to other members of the regional Association. In addition, the Commissioner indicated the possibility of increasing the amount of claims against the company at 0.005%, the relevant tax rate in 2014.

In late August of this year the EC on the results of the investigation came to the conclusion that Ireland has given an unjustified tax breaks for Apple, with the result that the country sustained a loss of 13 billion euros. Now the Corporation must return the unpaid taxes to the country in the period from 2003 to 2014.

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The U.S. Treasury has previously indicated that the EC decision may have a negative impact on foreign investment in the EU. Apple CEO Tim cook said that the decision of the European Commission “is unprecedented and has serious, far-reaching consequences”. He stressed that the most negative consequences of the EC decision will have for investment in Europe.

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