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Apple intends to accelerate the development and introduction of new features in the iPhone and Mac

Apple is planning to bring together all developers private cloud services in order to accelerate the development and introduction of new features and offer more competitive products. Dailycomm reports about it with reference to informed sources.

According to sources, Apple wants to all the team of corporate company services such as Siri, Maps, Apple Pay, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Music, and Apple News, worked in the headquarters of the company in Cupertino. At the moment these products are created separately from each other in business parks leased by Apple in other parts of Cupertino and Sunnyvale (California, USA).

This approach leads to software bugs and slow product development. By combining the commands in one place, the company will be able to accelerate the development of service business and strengthen its position against Google and Amazon. In the Apple of any review at the request of Bloomberg abstained.

As the newspaper notes, in the background of the slowdown in iPhone sales, Apple has resumed the development of new devices and made a bid for the service business, the amount of which in April-June 2016 has increased by almost 20%. Soon may become the second largest source of revenue, ahead of iPad and Mac.

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