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Apple inspired the designers of stormtroopers from the new episode of “Star wars”

The inspiration to create a new design of the equipment stormtroopers in “Star wars: Episode 7 – the Force Awakening” is Apple. Such recognition was made in an interview with Vanity Fair costume designer Michael Kaplan.

“Working on the new look stormtroopers, I maybe subconsciously thought, “what would that do for Apple? J. J. Abrams wanted them to be similar to the classic stormtroopers, but at the same time there were many differences that would like the audience”, – quotes Kinonews Kaplan.

According to costume designer, former outfit absolutely did not fit. “The audience today is so sophisticated that many of the items that have been quite normal in the past, now it will not work. So the new cover is much more powerful. At the same time, she wasn’t supposed to be too pristine, like in the old movies, but rather battered. It’s still supposed to be tactical,” added Kaplan.

Not so long ago Apple lead designer Jonathan Ive is responsible for the appearance of the iPhone, iPad and iOS, told reporters that J. J. Abrams consulted him about the new lightsaber. Ive acknowledged that the idea belongs not to him, but he suggested that the weapons of the Sith “was coarser and more like the familiar medieval swords”. The designer also explained that the sword should seem more primitive and more sinister.

Recall that the seventh episode of “Star wars”, which will start a new trilogy and a series of other projects, will be released on December 17, 2015.

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