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Apple insists that Animoji sensors and TrueDepth

Renowned video blogger Marques Brownlee said that the function X Animoji the iPhone works even if you close hand TrueDepth camera. Apple explained why animated emoticons available on other smartphones.

The representatives of the Corporation got in touch with the blogger. After that Brownlie has published a tweet, which explained why animated emoticons available on the old iPhone.

“Talked with Apple about Animoji. This feature uses an infrared sensor and a depth sensor for greater accuracy. The company didn’t want the facial recognition worked crooked on gadgets without an advanced system of cameras,” – said Marquez.

Some users have wondered why sometimes Animoji work normally, even if part of the camera is closed. Journalists from Bussisness Insider tried to explain this.

“TrueDepth camera does not read the 3D model of the face all the time. Instead, she makes “measurements” alternately. This means that if you obstruct the infrared sensor and the depth sensor, the iPhone will use a “3D snapshot” of the person, which were made when the application Animoji”.

Apple has revealed the animated emoticons Animoji 12 senyatbrya 2017 at the presentation of the iPhone X.

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