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Apple in three months became the leader of the market of wearable devices

In the second quarter of 2015, Apple has led the market of wearable devices, according to research firm Canalys. According to experts, in the past quarter American Corporation put 4.2 million “smart” hours. Despite the high cost of the Apple Watch, proizvoditel easily outstripped by sales of the company Fitbit, Xiaomi and other manufacturers of smart watches and fitness bracelets.

Apple officially unveiled the Apple Watch last fall. At Canalys say that starting sales of electronic bracelet could be even higher if the company released the device in April, and in the final quarter of last year, ahead of the Christmas season. In addition, in the first few months after the release of the sales growth was hampered by limited volumes of deliveries of the Apple Watch.

“Apple Watch are the most advanced “smart” watch. The device is highly popular among fans of the Apple brand around the world. Nevertheless, the company still faces a number of challenges to make the Apple Watch a real bestseller. To attract more customers, the need to improve the performance of the device and increase the battery life and the number of sensors. In addition, the popularity of such devices will depend on the number of third-party applications,” said Canalys senior analyst Chris Jones.

Apple offers a wide range of versions of the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport (aluminum case and sport band), Apple Watch (steel case and sporty, leather or metal strap) and Apple Watch Edition (18K gold, sport or leather strap c metallic or gold buckle). Clock in each range is available in two housing sizes 38 and 42 mm.

Despite its warm reception in the media and skepticism of “geeks”, the Apple Watch owners are very satisfied with their smart watch. Conducted by research company Wristly a survey of 800 owners smart watches gave a very impressive 97% satisfied with the device users.

In Russia sales of the Apple Watch will start July 31. The cost of the new model starts with 23 990 for model with chassis 38 and 27 mm 990 — case 42 mm.

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