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Apple in the new ad claims that the iPad Pro could replace a laptop with a scanner and a Notepad

Apple has released two new promotional videos in the new advertising campaign for the iPad. In a new series of video tablet it is proposed to consider as a replacement for traditional personal computers.

New promotional series of Apple based on tweets in which users point to the shortcomings of Windows-based PC. Part of commercials aimed at PC users who are skeptical about the tablet from Apple and do not perceive it as a “real computer”. The other part of the rollers indicates the deficiencies of computers based on Windows, which is not characteristic of the iPad.

In the first video, called “Need less stuff” the company proposes using your tablet to free Desk from unnecessary items. “iPad Pro can replace your scanner, Notepad and laptop. So you can get rid of these things,” he says in the video.

“The real problem… solved. Your computer will be more than a computer, if your computer will iPad Pro”.

In the second video, it is proposed to use an iPad instead of a notebook. Dalet recording, by hand, thanks to the support of a digital pen, Apple, Pencil, or on a built-in microphone of the tablet.

“The real problem… solved. You can write a totally new way, if your computer will iPad Pro,” writes Apple.

New is Apple is part of the promotional campaign, launched a few weeks ago. The main goal is to show that most people don’t need a traditional computer or laptop for everyday tasks. In Apple believe that the iPad Pro will be an ideal tool for each day for any user.

In March it is expected the presentation of several new models of the iPad. The most anticipated new product is of 10.5-inch iPad Pro with a thin frame around the screen and no Home button.

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