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Apple in the last quarter, increased spending on research and development to $2.5 billion

Apple in II finkvartal 2016 31% increased spending on research and development compared with data for the same period of 2015. Information about the company transferred to the office of the us stock market regulator. The costs of the iPhone and iPad maker on R&D at the end of last quarter reached two and a half billion dollars.

For the first three months of 2016 Apple spent on research and development of $2.5 billion, against $1.9 billion in the previous year. The cost of the iPhone and iPad maker on this expenditure is growing from year to year. Suffice it to say that in 2010 Apple spent on R&D of about $647 million in 2011 and $952 million in 2012 and $3.4 billion, 2013- $4.5 billion, in 2014 – $6 billion in 2015 to $8.07 billion

In official documents, Apple States that investment over the past three months have been focused around new products and the extension of possibilities of already existing solutions. In Cupertino not konkretisiert, about what there is a speech. In addition, the document States that investments of the company necessary to maintain its position in the current competitive market of mobile devices and computers.

Along with upgrades to current product lines, Apple is constantly developing innovative products and exploring new market segments. Despite the fact that the annual turnover of the Corporation has been increasing, as the share of expenditure on R&D, in absolute terms, these costs are growing and has reached in the last quarter of 5% of the profits of the company.

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The size of investments in different products from Apple is absolutely not the same. A large part of investments is directly connected with the most promising products of iPhone and Apple Watch. Simultaneously, the company cuts the costs of development associated with iPod and Mac.

Apple is investing heavily in research and development. In February of this year it became known that the company intends to build in India a major scientific research center. Before it was reported about the opening of the R&D center in the oldest University centre of Europe, Cambridge.

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