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Apple in 2018 will open its first retail store in Argentina

Apple will store its branded retail network in Buenos Aires, reports Gizmodo. Apple Store in the capital of Argentina, may appear in 2018.

Store selling iPhone and Mac in Argentina will be the third in Latin America. In 2014, Apple opened a branded retail outlet in Brazil. After a year he opened a store in Mexico city. Buenos Aires chosen by Apple not by accident. It is the administrative, cultural and economic center of Argentina and one of the largest cities in South America.

As expected, the construction of the new outlets will begin next year. The opening of a store in Argentina will solve one of the major problems fans of “Apple” technology associated with high tariffs and taxes. Currently, the 9.7 inch iPad Pro is in Argentina for about $1420 (81 946 rubles). In Russia the tablet in the same configuration sells for 44 990 rubles.

Apple has not officially confirmed the information about plans on opening his own store in Argentina, but it is possible that the Corporation will announce it soon.

The first store of Apple, formerly Apple Store opened on 19 may 2001, almost 16 years ago. Network of shops of the company is considered one of the “pillars of prosperity” the world’s largest IT corporations. Now she has over 430 outlets. Most of them are located in the US, but recently Apple is actively opening branches in other countries.

In Russia while there is no official Apple store.

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