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Apple iMac Pro will protect from theft

According to information found in the firmware of the iMac Pro, the new computer will support cellular communications. It will protect your device from theft. This was reported by the user Piker Alpha in his blog.

iMac Pro is a pretty expensive unit. The starting price is about 300 000. The maximum configuration can cost up to 900 000 rubles. Probably due to the high cost of Apple decided to implement in a computer some semblance of function “Find iPhone”. For her work meets the coprocessor A10 Fusion. As well as the chip itself, the theft protection will work even if you turn off iMac.

Piker Alpha also suggested that cellular connectivity can be used for making calls directly from an iMac Pro, bypassing the smartphone. But this is unlikely. Information associated with calls, could get into the firmware code of the computer of the iOS since the A10 Fusion chip was already used in the iPhone and iPad.

iMac Pro is a modified version of the monoblock Apple designed specifically for professionals. The computer is equipped with 18-core Intel Xeon processors, 128GB of RAM, SSD-drive capacity up to 1 TB and an AMD graphics card Vega.

The device was presented at WWDC 2017 and will go on sale before the end of the year.

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