Apple HomePod will be on sale in India & nbsp

Apple HomePod Launches in India
The Apple HomePod, released in early 2018, finally goes on sale-in India. Despite the fact that in January this year the price of an intelligent speaker system in India was 19,000 rupees, the actual sale will begin in the coming days.
It is worth noting that Apple has confirmed the presence of HomePod in the country, but in fact it is not available now. The Apple India website has a Buy button, the customer only needs to find the nearest reseller. In addition, online retailers, including Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm, have also not announced sales. Apple also began sending out emails to Indian customers announcing availability.

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It seems that sales will begin as soon as retail outlets are allowed to function normally, as it is expected that the lock will be lifted on May 17.
HomePod is Apple's response to Amazon Echo and Google Home, which dominate the smart speaker segment. Apple is a premium offer in the form of a 6.8-inch cylinder. The 2.5 kg speaker has a woofer, seven high-frequency speakers, six microphone units for accurate voice recognition in far areas and internal microphones for automatic correction of low frequencies.
It comes in Space Gray and White options. HomePod works in the ecosystem of Apple devices, so you need at least iPhone 6S, iPhone SE or something newer to connect to HomePod. Any iPad Pro, 5th generation iPad, iPad Air 2 or later and iPad Mini 4 or later will also work with it.
Siri acts as a virtual assistant for answering requests. It also controls smart devices compatible with Apple HomeKit, and also plays music.

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The Apple iPhone SE (2020) will also go on sale in India as soon as Flipkart launches product registration.
In Russia, the Apple HomePod is still not officially sold. Despite the fact that Siri in Russian exists for a long time. It's funny that Google Home, an analogue of HomePod, is also not officially sold in Russia. Therefore, Russian buyers have no alternatives other than Yandex. Stations. Although, if you buy Google Home or Apple HomePod abroad or in Russia, but not in the official store, everything works fine and even in Russian.

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