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Apple hires ex-Amazon employee to the position of Director of information security

Apple was appointed Vice President of information security, former employee of Amazon and Microsoft, reports Reuters news Agency. According to the publication, on the specialist took a similar post.

Stathakopoulos joined Amazon from Microsoft in 2010. According to his LinkedIn profile, at a previous job, he “provided security of the company, including the protection of information and telecommunication networks and assets to support business continuity Amazon and to ensure the security of clients”.

Apple and Stathakopoulos not comment on the appointment, but observers associate it with the controversial dispute between the FBI and Apple on the issue of the hacking of the iPhone, which belonged to the terrorist. Specialist, as noted, assumed new duties “a week ago”.

The U.S. Department of justice maintains a high profile lawsuit with Apple, demanding to help you unlock the smartphone iPhone that belonged to one of the criminals. Syed Rizwan Farooq and his wife Tashfeen Malik participated in the attack on the disabled center in San Bernardino (California). As a result 14 people died and 21 were injured. The two terrorists were eliminated.

Authorities have unsuccessfully tried to read the information from iPhone. Apple to encrypt data on smartphones and tablets is standard practice. In Cupertino resist attempts to gain access to encrypted data, claiming it would set a dangerous precedent to violate the rights of users and that such requests should not be considered in court and in Congress, which must enact appropriate legislation.

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