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Apple hired leading specialists of the map service Here to work on Apple Maps

Over the past few months Apple has hired a number of leading employees previously worked on the map service Here. This was announced on Wednesday Businessinsider citing sources familiar with the matter.

According to the publication, the Cupertino’s company lured at least six of the experts Here. Among them, the senior project Manager Here Gilbert Schultz, a senior software engineer Here Konstantin Sinitsyn, software engineer Hahn Tran, product Manager Andrey Arsenyev and others. However, some have switched to Apple in the past and even the year before, so it’s not entirely clear exactly who became a member of Cupertino giant recently.

It is noteworthy that all of these professionals living in Berlin, based on what we can conclude about the possible existence in the capital of Germany’s “secret” office Apple. More precisely, about this office in April reported by the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine. A team of 15-20 people worked on the car project of Apple.

The service Here was previously owned by Nokia, despite the fact that Microsoft acquired the mobile division of the company: rights on the Here Maps it get failed. Last year’s map division was sold to the companies Audi, BMW and Mercedes for $3 billion, the German automotive company focusing on developing applications for iOS and Android.

According to observers, Apple is going to seriously take up the improvement of their own map service, Maps. So the experts Here company very useful.

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