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Apple hired an expert from NASA’s Jeff Norris to develop augmented reality glasses

Apple hired an expert on virtual and augmented reality of the National office for Aeronautics and space research (NASA) Jeff Norris for product development in the areas of virtual and augmented reality, including augmented reality glasses. On Tuesday, reports Bloomberg.

The newspaper points out, citing its own sources, that the appointment of Norris was held with a view to the creation of new products in the Apple lineup.

According to Norris, at NASA he was involved in the creation of new methods of control of spacecraft and robots in space through technologies of VR and AR. NASA Norris was engaged, in particular, to control the Mars Rover from the surface of the Earth and with the augmented reality glasses for looking at types of Mars. In the Apple Norris will be included one of the senior managers in the team to create AR products. It is alleged that these products will be augmented reality glasses and related new features to the iPhone. Norris and Apple has not commented on Bloomberg the company’s plans.

Hardware AR-products under the Apple brand, according to the sources, can enter the market in 2018.

That Apple is hiring engineers, NASA also wrote a edition of The Wall Street Journal. According to the source, the Agency specialists will conduct testing of unmanned vehicles. Apple in this segment of the automotive market lags behind competitors and is currently seeking to catch up.

According to the newspaper, the Corporation notified the US government about hiring six specialists, including engineers, robotics NASA. In addition to sharing knowledge and experiences they will have during the test to sit in the front seat of the Lexus, equipped with unmanned technologies. In the first stage of the project it was decided to conduct tests on three samples of such machines.

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