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Apple hired a hacker, 10 years old critical vulnerability in the iOS

A security expert, and former jailbreak developer Jonathan Zdziarski went to work at Apple. The new place he has held the position of engineer on data analysis and security.

Zdziarski said that he accepted the offer of Apple and commenced duties on 14 March 2017. Developer who is highly critical of the security in iOS, and assured that joined the company only because is worried about user privacy.

“Privacy is sacred. Our life on the Internet can reveal a lot about us interests, thoughts, or even your personal life. I am very glad that I was working with a group of people who share my passion for protecting the data,” wrote Jonathan.

Jonathan Zdziarski known for criticizing Apple and jailbreak the first iPhone. He often spoke about the problems related to iCloud and policy data synchronization. Specialist never missed an opportunity to criticize Apple for the “hole” of security in iOS. Previously, he has devoted many articles, interviews and even live broadcasts of the search for vulnerabilities in the OS.

Better known as “NerveGas” in the jailbreak community, Jonathan Zdarsky was the famous jailbreak teams-ezabatzeko iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team. A little later, from the role of a hacker he switched to books on information security and development of iOS apps.

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