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Apple has won a court case, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, accusing it of copying the iPhone design

Court confrontation between Apple and Samsung lasts for more than six years. Initially one of the main claims of copertina lay in the fact that the Galaxy S was similar to the iPhone, because its shape was “rectangle with rounded corners”. But Apple is also accused of copying the design. Moreover, the author of the claim speaks Chinese smartphone manufacturer.

Baili has accused Apple of borrowing in the past year. According to the plaintiff, the California giant has copied the design of its smartphone 100, sold under the brand 100+. Illustrations to the article allow the individual to assess whether or not Apple when creating the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (they appear in the lawsuit) was inspired by the incredibly graceful and harmonious image of the Chinese device.

Baili has filed a lawsuit against Apple last year, and then the court decided in favor of the Chinese that threatened the iPhone maker a ban on the sale of its devices in China. But cupertinos appealed the decision by filing an appeal considered by the Supreme court. This week it became known that the outcome of the proceedings was the abolition of the ban.

Court on intellectual property matters sided with Apple in a dispute with a local company. More specifically, the court came to the conclusion that the decision to ban was made in violation of procedure, and whereas sufficient evidence that the design infringed intellectual property right, was not provided.

The representative of the Baili said that the company will consider filing their own appeal. The court rejected the request of “Apple” giant to invalidate the patent of the plaintiff for an industrial design of a smartphone 100c.

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