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Apple has turned the London boutique with Apple Watch in a six-foot greenhouse with flowers [photo]

Apple has organized the original “floral” decor Selfridges London, located on famous Oxford street. In the oldest Department store in the British capital is a boutique selling the Apple Watch. Colorful design of the store draws attention to the novelty of residents and guests of the British capital.

24 huge shop Windows are decorated with bright colors – red, yellow, peach, pink. In the center put one of the models of the Apple Watch.

“Inspired by the interface of the smart watch, the installation consists of colors ranging in size from 200 mm to 1.8 m In the center of each window – Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition,” writes Wallpaper.

As you know, to create dials with colors for Apple Watch, the company spent a lot of effort. So, one of the flowers was photographed more than 24,000 times over 285 hours of 11.8 days). So Apple got the animation drop-down Bud. Colors 8 kinds for showcases in London was created and painted manually by the British masters. The installation includes a total of 24 large, 50 medium and 5525 little flower. The materials from which made the flowers differ: medium and large created from cast resin, small printed on a 3D printer.

“Working together with Apple on such a creative project was the continuation of our good tradition to invite outstanding designers with a unique look to decorate the Windows of our store,” said creative Director of Selfridges Linda Hewson.

According to Hewson, for the first time since 1909 showcases all the legendary Department store dedicated to only one product.

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