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Apple has tapicerowane record number of defectors from Android among iPhone users

Getting a significant portion of the proceeds from the sale of the iPhone, Apple could not quarterly reporting conference to lose sight of the factors of this success. The volume of sales in real terms increased by 35% – that’s three times more than on the market of smartphones on average. The market share of Apple, according to the head of the company Tim cook, has grown in all geographic regions. The share of those who switched to Apple products, with Android devices in the last quarter reached a record level.

During the announcement of the results, Tim cook several times referred to this aspect. “Successful sales of the iPhone are recorded in both developed and emerging markets,” he said. We noticed record numbers of people switching from Android”.

Apple’s management is encouraged by the number of sold last quarter iPhone. In II quarter the company sold more than 47 million smartphones. The past quarter was a record number of “defectors” from the Android and “debut” iPhone customers. “We are thrilled to see that more and more users abandon Android in favor of iPhone. iPhone successful and from this point of view”, – said the head of Apple.

The third time cook boasted a large number of “defectors” from the Android in the context of geographical distribution of sales of “Apple” communicators.

“In some regions we win at the expense of users who are switching to iPhone from Android. Others are winning at the expense of those buying their first smartphone. Thirdly regions we lead at the expense of users who are upgrading their old iPhone”, – said the head of Apple. Cook expressed confidence that the world is still quite owners of Android-smartphone, which in the future may wish to switch to iPhone.

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Last month, Apple has begun preparing for the transition on the company’s Android smartphones with iOS. Simultaneously with the release of iOS 9, the company will offer the tool Move to iOS, designed to facilitate this process: to transfer information from the “phones” on the iPhone will be the most convenient way.

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