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Apple has started selling the smart mug Vessyl Pryme, who knows exactly what the user is drinking [video]

Apple liked the idea so much the company Mark One Lifestyle, has created a “smart” Cup Vessyl Pryme that she decided to sell the accessory in its official stores. First of all, the accessory will appear in retail outlets of the company in North America and then in Europe.

Pryme, the Vessyl is a Cup with a volume of 400 ml with built in sensor, accurately determining the type of beverage poured in it, and the composition and the content of those or other components: caffeine, carbohydrates and even alcohol. Database gadget laid a few thousand drinks, including alcohol. Mug syncs with iPhone via Bluetooth, transmitting data to a smartphone, and that in turn with the help of a special application evaluates the level of fluid intake during the day and gives advice for a more rational consumption of certain beverages.

The inside of the circle looks like a hollow vessel without any unusual elements. Moreover, inside there are no holes through which liquid can permeate to the analyzer that suggests the non-contact sensor. According to the manufacturer, the sensor is completely reliable, and the quality of recognition of the fluid composition does not deteriorate with time.

We should also pay attention to the application for the iPhone and Apple Watch. It stores data on consumed drinks throughout the day, building a schedule of fluid intake and displaying recommendations to a more healthy diet. In addition, the program can alert the owner of the mug on the possible effects of the use of certain drinks, it might even keep some people from consuming excessive quantities of sugary drinks, coffee or alcohol.

Pryme Vessyl has its own battery that provides Autonomous operation for 5-7 days. His charging is done via a wireless device, and to recharge the battery is enough for 60 minutes.

Pryme Vessyl is available in 8 different colors and sells for $199. Can also be purchased on the official website of the company.

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