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Apple has simplified the creation of Hackintosh macOS High Sierra

25.06.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

Modern Apple computers have the same components as the PC. Then why macOS is not able to work in a Windows environment-PC? In fact the operating system “Apple” brand can be put on most modern PCs, and it’s not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Apple has simplified the creation of Hackintosh macOS High Sierra

“Hackintosh” is an ironic name for macOS, not installed on the Mac and the PC. This phenomenon became possible in 2005, when Apple began migrating its computers from PowerPC to x86 and Mac were equipped with the same processors and chipsets from Intel.

Over the years the creation of a Hackintosh from the entertainment of a handful of enthusiasts turned into a mass movement with a growing audience. Now that Apple has officially introduced a new version of macOS High Sierra to find out some interesting details.

During testing macOS High Sierra, it became known that the new OS simplified the process of creating a Hackintosh. Typically a new build of the operating system complicates the task. But not in this case. Of course, not to say that to install macOS on a PC, now is easy. However, the task can be substantially simplified.

What is NVMe?

SSDS can already be considered a real mainstream. Any self-respecting PC owner if does not have at least one SSD in their system, it is very serious to purchase it. Innovation, which should be the leitmotif of the next major developments in the field of consumer SSDS became a technology called Non-Volatile Memory Express, or NVMe. This is a promising interface Protocol designed specifically for high speed SSD.

Apple has simplified the creation of Hackintosh macOS High Sierra

As a starting point here is the high-speed PCI Express bus, which was used as the transport level when connecting graphics cards and extra controllers. The transition from SATA interface, capable of operating at speeds from 150 to 600 MB/s, on PCI Express enabled 2-3 times to increase the performance of SSDS.

Hackintosh and NVMe

Work NVMe SSD in the Hackintosh environment is always complicated because of the incompatibility. Driver Apple IONVMeFamily – only worked with certain models of drives and controllers that the developers of Cupertino used in the current Mac lineup.

Users when you create a Hackintosh, you had to use a third-party driver HackrNVMeFamily – patched version IONVMeFamily. In the case of macOS High Sierra installing this driver is no longer required. In the new OSes, Apple has added support for a wider set of controllers NVMe SSD for macOS.

Of course, we can not say that now to install macOS on a PC is possible in two clicks. However, now the task of creating a Hackintosh in many cases eliminates the issue of finding drivers for the disk subsystem.

At the moment, Apple macOS tests the High Sierra among developers. The release of the beta version in an open testing program is expected next week.


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