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Apple has set a new record in growth of sales of iPhone

In 2015, Apple has achieved record growth of sales of the iPhone, according to a report by research Agency IDC. Delivery phone companies has increased over the year by 20.2% and set a new record, reaching 231.5 mln devices. Apple was also the leader in sales of smartphones that cost more than $ 300, where its share amounted to 42.1%.

The reason for the rapid growth of sales of iPhone in 2015, was the fact that on the background of producers who prefer to increase sales by reducing prices, in stock “Apple” of the Empire offered more expensive models.

Analysts predict that this year will bring Apple significant growth in sales of smartphones, but it will happen in the next year by expanding the program trade in.

“The new trade in program that allows you to purchase a new iPhone at a discount, presenting instead of giving an old machine aimed at attracting users in the most promising markets. Having embarked on this way, Apple can now control offers a trade-in, and track the demand for products,” – said the head of IDC’s Ryan Reith.

We are talking about extending the iPhone Upgrade program, announced last month. The new plan is called Trade Up With Installments and allows you to pay the cost of the device for only $15 a month. Moreover, Apple is taking the credit even Android devices. For the flagship competing solutions, the company is willing to pay up to $ 300.

According to IDC, last year Apple managed to beat Xiaomi on the number of shipped devices in the Indian market. It helped the fact of revision of the price of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in a big way. “The big surprise was that Apple according to the latest data, the share of the market which previously accounted for only 3.5 percent, increased its presence in the country up to 4.6% and surpassed the company Xiaomi” note the analysts.

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At the same time, IDC notes that the market is a consistent shift of demand toward low-cost models. If in 2015 the average sales price was $ 295, by 2020 this figure will fall to $ 237. Markets in the U.S., China and Western Europe have reached saturation point, and so the slowdown observed in the first place. But in India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Africa and South-East Asia while demand is kept at a consistently high level.

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