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Apple has removed the option of counting time of Autonomous work in macOS after complaints the autonomy of the MacBook Pro

Apple has removed the meter analyzes the battery life of the Mac, from the top menu macOS after user complaints about the battery life of new MacBook Pro. Updating macOS Sierra 10.12.2 users can only see the battery percentage but not the time remaining until the battery is fully discharged.

As found by the author of the blog The Loop Jim Dalrymple, Apple’s developers are dissatisfied with the accuracy of the counting operation time of laptops. The fact that this parameter largely depends on the active task, as well as a number of factors that affect the overall autonomy of the MacBook.

Within a few days after the installation of updates or transfer data to a new computer, the user sees the lower readings than actually are. Immediately after update Mac performs re-indexing the drive for Spotlight work, as well as Siri and Photos which can last for several hours. This is especially true of systems in which many files. Without waiting for the complete indexing of all content, the user makes erroneous conclusions about the autonomy of your MacBook.

The same applies to Photos, which also carries out processing of an image. The elapsed time again depends on how big the photo library. However, this process also affects the predicted time of Autonomous work.

Apple called three functions, which distort the counter working MacBook:

  • ICloud syncing – a function of Memories, recognition of persons, objects and prices, and the initial synchronization after you configure your Mac in the background.
  • Spotlight indexing and search mechanism runs continuously in the background, scanning the files that have changed. In addition, after you upgrade the operating system performs a re-indexing of the entire contents of the drive.
  • Program – active application on a Mac affect the time of Autonomous work.

In most cases this is the reason for the incorrect prediction of time of operation of the portable computer from a battery, as all these processes occur in the background and heavily load the processor. Given these factors, Apple saw fit to abandon the time counter in the top menu bar of your MacBook. At the same approximate time of the laptop without recharging can be found in the standard application system Monitoring tab on the Energy.

Informed first buyers of MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar criticized Apple for battery life laptops. According to the manufacturer is 10 hours portable computers work without recharging from 3 to 6 hours.

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