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Apple has released three promotional videos for the iPhone 7 in honor of children’s Day in Turkey

“Children — flowers of life!” — for every citizen of Turkey, this expression has a special meaning. In honor of the upcoming children’s Day, widely celebrated in the country, Apple has released a promotional video for the iPhone 7.

Three 15-second promotional video filmed 11-year-old residents of Turkey on behalf of Belize and Irene. In the first video, the Teens use the technique of macro photography in order to capture the movement of hair on the face of the rabbit.

In the second video, the girl in the frame balances on one foot, standing on the dog. In the third video uses time-lapse shooting: captured on video feeding on the ground the balloons with water. At the end of each video Apple indicates that the video filmed 11-year-old child.

The date of celebration in Turkey is April 23. Children’s day is celebrated in honor of the first convocation of the Grand National Assembly in 1920 in Ankara, for the preparation of wars of national liberation that was the first step of the Republican regime. So we have a feast and the second name — Day of national sovereignty.

In the framework of children’s Day in Turkey, concerts and competitions among schoolchildren, as well as workshops, competitions and briefings, which are attended by children from the different countries.

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