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Apple has released three commercials with Dwayne Johnson and Siri

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson again showed up in advertising of Apple. After the 4-minute advertisement, the company has released three clips lasting for 15 seconds about how Siri helps the actor in different situations.

In the first video, Siri helps Dwayne to do a selfie. In space. In the description of the Apple notes:

“Siri will help the user with various daily activities. For example, do a selfie. In space. As we said — with daily Affairs.”

In the second movie “the Rock” asking Siri to remind him “to dominate”. When the iPhone screen appears a reminder, Johnson pathetically says: “I’m doing it!”.

In this respect the Apple my opinion:

“The Rocks have only one thought in my head. It begins with “D” and ends with “minirobot”. Well, next to him there is always Siri.”

In the third 15-second snippet, Johnson tries himself in the role of the chef and asked Siri to set a timer for 10 minutes while preparing another culinary masterpiece.

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