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Apple has released the GM version of OS X El Capitan, the final release will take place on 30 September [updated]

The final version of OS X, El Capitan will be available September 30. Apple does not formally described the timing of the release of the platform, however this information noticed on one of the slides during the presentation of the iPhone 6s.

The twelfth major update of the desktop platform for Mac computers was officially presented at the event for developers WWDC 2015. As you know, contrary to tradition, established since the beginning of 2000, when new versions of OS X were named after the animals of the cat squad, Apple has decided to turn to natural objects. OS X El Capitan was named in honor of a cliff in Yosemite national Park.

A new version of the desktop operating system has not brought the pack to the appearance of the operating system and limited improvements on the level of functionality. The main changes, which Apple began the story of El Capitan, touched the control Windows (split screen) and Spotlight searching. Now the user can make queries in natural language, and the function became much faster. By optimizing the performance of the new operating system Apple has risen to 1.4 times.

OS X El Capitan supports new gestures in Safari easier to add bookmarks – this is done by dragging the tabs.

September 9, during the presentation, features 3D Touch new iPhone on one of the slides users saw a mail message top Manager of the company, Phil Schiller: “Apple. Confidential and top secret. Release date El Capitan – 30 September”. Slide hinted at the upcoming debut of the new desktop platform.

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Developers can download the GM version of OS X El Capitan. If the Assembly does not detect program errors, it is in its current form will go into the final version. The latter will be distributed via the Mac App store. Download OS X El Capitan will be free to all Mac users.

Update 1: For unknown reasons, Apple has withdrawn the GM version of OS X El Capitan.

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