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Apple has released iOS Golden Master 11

According to tradition, after the presentation of the new iPhone, Apple released iOS GM 11. The update is available for developers and public beta testers. Release on September 19.

Notable changes in iOS 11 GM no. In the new build Apple has improved the performance and worked on the security system.

In 2017, the GM-version was first leaked to the public announcement. According to one version, did a disgruntled employee of the company. Thanks to this leak we found out most of what was presented at the presentation on September 12.

The name of the Golden Master will receive the final beta, which are considered ready to leave. As a rule, the number of their assemblies are the same with release versions of operating systems.

Download iOS Golden Master 11 on the official Apple website. Before upgrading, make a backup in case rollback to iOS 10 you do not lose data.

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