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Apple has released an update to Workflow: back support for Google Chrome, added actions to Apple Music

Despite the recent message the creators of the Workflow on the cessation of application development today the release of a new version of the popular tool for automating actions on iOS. With the release of version 1.7.4 in the app returned support for Google Chrome and Pocket, and also added new actions for Apple Music.

Apple bought Workflow in March of this year, after which it disappeared from the App Store, as it usually happens with such acquisitions. Many users of the apps have considered this a sign that the developers are not going to throw the product.

Tellingly, after the announcement about the purchase Workflow the app was free. Apple even gave some users the money they spent on the app.

Representatives of the Workflow in personal correspondence with the user is warned that they are not planning to add new features and to fill up the catalogue of pre-built algorithms tasks. However, today’s release suggests otherwise. First, the app returned support service for deferred reading the Pocket and the Google Chrome browser. These actions appeared in the app as quickly as it disappeared – immediately after the transaction with Apple.

Also, the developers have added two new actions, which allow you to add songs to the list to listen to (Add Music to Up Next), and clear the list (Clear Up Next).

At the moment it is not known what Apple plans to do with the developers of the service. The functionality of the Workflow as third-party applications has always been limited, so there is reason to believe that the company will build advanced automation tasks in iOS 11.

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