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Apple has released a series of commercials for Apple Watch, showing the possibility of a smart watch [video]

Apple has released a new television advertisement for the Apple Watch. Videos Date, Sprinkle, Ride, Cycle, Train and Sing on the possibilities of an electronic bracelet of the company.

On each of the three 15-second video shows Apple is one of the features of “smart” hours. Displayed in the first short message, the second payment service Apple Pay in the Navigator, the fourth – fitness client, in the fifth heart rate monitor, the sixth – client iMessage. Promotional videos will be broadcast in October on American television.

It should be understood that a wide range of features of the new product is a very important task, without which one cannot expect to have consumer interest. Again, because of the Apple Watch are deprived of the benefits of the iPad, which can run iPhone apps without any modification, preparation of a decent software collection becomes the number one issue. In addition to a wide collection of applications from the App Store the Apple Watch owner has access to proprietary Apple development very different directions that are shown in the new ad.

With regard to the catalogue of apps for the Apple Watch, it is quite diverse. The store is divided into thematic categories: health & fitness, communication, work, travel, family, creativity, business, news, games and social networks. At the beginning of September in the App Store there were more than 11 500 applications for smart watches.

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