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Apple has released a new Windows audio driver to solve problems with mechanical damage to the speakers the new MacBook Pro

Apple has released updated audio drivers for the solution, causing breakage of the speakers MacBook Pro. We are talking about software patch Windows mode in Boot Camp.

At the end of November, buyers of the new MacBook Pro began to complain about the loud noises when working with a Microsoft OS in Boot Camp mode. Nothing similar was observed in Parallels and other applications for virtualization. In most macOS problems. The sound is so loud that it is able to disable the built-in speakers of laptops.

One user said that he carried the MacBook Pro support Apple, where he confirmed that the speakers of the laptop mechanically damaged. Replace damaged speakers only in mid-December.

As it turned out, the reason for the loud sounds became outdated audio driver Boot Camp. Apple promptly fixed the current problem, to minimize the number of affected users.

Users who have installed Boot Camp after November 23, have already received the new version of the audio driver, correction of errors, all the rest you need to manually download and install the update. New audio driver required to install for all users MacBook, which work simultaneously with Windows and macOS.

As mentioned above, users, virtual machines, VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop, this problem has not affected.

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