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Apple has released a new ad “the Kiss” for Apple TV [video]

Apple TV 4 got some serious improvements compared to its predecessor. In the fourth generation it is not just an adapter between your local library, PC, or iPhone with the iPad, and large screen TV. It is a full multimedia center that provides access to thousands of movies, millions of songs and tons of games and apps.

On Wednesday Apple launched a new promotional video, which drew the attention of potential buyers on the features of the new Apple TV. In particular, it demonstrates the voice assistant Siri.

The video shows a couple of actors who rehearse a kissing scene, studying movies on TV. The actress is constantly doubting and asking the voice assistant to he re-showed the moment with a kiss. At the end of the video the actor does not stand up and asks Siri to include a romantic track by Jeremih.

“The new Apple TV with Siri support. Easier than ever to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows music and applications”.

Voice control using Siri has become a key feature of the new Apple TV. However, at this point the assistant is only available in 8 countries: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Japan. Siri for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch works in 30 countries, so it is not clear why Apple has provided a few select countries for the Apple TV.

According to rumors, the company is now working to improve Siri and improving the quality of speech recognition. The main task of Apple TV — search and watch the videos, so the assistant must be able to adapt to phonetic features of speech, pronunciation of names of actors, Directors and movie titles in different countries.

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Apple is actively working on expanding the capabilities of Siri, so Apple TV owners in Russia and other countries will get a voice assistant in the near future.

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