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Apple has released a certified adapter that allows you to use the Apple Watch with regular straps

After the launch of Apple Watch to the market received a huge number of various accessories for the wearable device. Stand, screen protectors, covers and even the bumpers – everything is in large quantities presented on the websites of different manufacturers. In connection with the announcement of Apple’s new gadget Apple watch we can expect a new wave of accessories for smart-watches.

Apple Watch implements a special system of straps, which does not require the owner of any complicated manipulations and allows you to change them in seconds. However, official support for conventional wristbands for Apple Watch still not been provided. Many have tried to create adapters for mounting accessories. Now with Apple Watch, you can use any straps, just need to order the appropriate accessory from Apple.

In our online shop you can order a set of mounts to universal for Apple Watch straps. They are sold set at 25 and 200 units worth $278 and $1836 respectively for 38 mm modifications and $283 and $1866 for a 42-mm version of the Apple Watch, respectively.

Thanks to the official adapters the user has the possibility to use any straps to buy special adapters, like Adappt Click or not necessarily. The main difficulty lies in the need to find a special screwdriver to tighten the two signature five-sided screws. The price in online stores does not exceed a few dollars.

By the way, for those who decide to acquire not only a watch, but bracelets and a signature from Apple, will have to add a considerable amount. The cost of the bracelets to the watch starts at $49 per model, made of synthetic rubber, and comes to $449 for a metal strap with links-Link bracelet. There are also leather Leather Loop, Classic Buckle, Modern Buckle at the price of $149, $149 and $249, as well as metal Milanese Loop worth $149.

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