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Apple has released 5 new videos as part of a promotional campaign ‘Shot on iPhone 6″ [video]

Recently we wrote about the fact that Apple launched a new advertising campaign Shot on my iPhone. In Cupertino decided to switch from the promotion of the capabilities of the camera of its flagship phones to video recording capabilities and has published a set of nine videos. Today arrived in time replenishment.

To view a 15-second clips that are selected in the framework of the campaign “Shot on my iPhone, available on the official Apple channel on YouTube or on the company’s website.

In the first video you can see the sunrise in Hawaii:

The second video belongs to the category of Timelapse and advertises the entries in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

The third video showing the shooting of the underwater world:

Another slow motion video shows the train in Alaska:

The final video shows a car racing on a dry salt lake in the South of the desert plains of the Altiplano in Bolivia:

In June, Apple won the main prize of the festival “Cannes lions” for the advertising campaign Shot on iPhone 6″. In Cupertino took 162 pictures taken by users with a smartphone and posted on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Amateur images were the only images used in the campaign: Apple completely refused the services of professional photographers.

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