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Apple has registered in Russia, iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2 and AirPods

The Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) published five applications from the Apple company to register their products in Russia. Judging by given data, the company intends to certify the country the iPhone 7, the smart watch Apple Watch, 2 new wireless headphones AirPods.

Application number RU0000027538 describes a “smartphone brands “Apple” models A1778, A1784 (iOS 10)”. Characteristically, these indexes do not belong to any of the current models of iPhone (iPhone 6s are numbered A1633, A1634, iPhone 6 A1549 and A1522). Thus, we can talk about the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 7.

Three application – RU0000027539, RU0000027540, RU0000027541 – relate to Apple Watch: Personal wearable electronic device of the Apple trademark”. In the first document refers to model numbers A1757, A1758, and A1816 A1817, the second – A1802 A1803 and in the third – A1831, A1832, and A1833 A1834. These indexes also have nothing in common with existing models. Three separate classifications for the 10 models probably describe the collection of “clever” hours the second-generation Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.

Finally, one more application Apple with registration number RU0000027543 called AirPods Wireless headphones brand Apple. In stock company presents a few wireless headphones, but they are registered under the brand Beats. There is reason to believe that the company is preparing a special compact model specifically for the iPhone 7. They will be offered separately: included with the device will go wired headset with Lightning interface.

It is highly likely that all of them found in “the Federal service for accreditation” will be unveiled by Apple at a special presentation on 7 September. That notice served before the official presentation, may indicate that the iPhone 7 will appear in Russia on 16 September, along with the list of the countries “first wave”.

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