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Apple has refused to cooperate with the Super Micro Computer after malware detection on your server

Apple has stopped contact with one of the suppliers of the server equipment after one of the servers Super Micro Computer, used in design lab, a California Corporation, was discovered ON the computer. Trojan was disguised as a firmware update.

According to Securitylab, the incident occurred in the middle of last year. Your server was part of the infrastructure responsible for the operation of web services and storing data of users of Apple devices. In response, the iPhone maker has refused all servers manufactured by Super Micro Computer in their data centers, and returned to the manufacturer all of the newly acquired system.

As you claim to be familiar with the situation sources, the malicious firmware was downloaded directly from the website support Super Micro Computer. At the time of writing the news of IOS malware was still on the support website.

Apple representatives denied the information about the incident, but the Vice President of Super Micro Computer Tau LEng confirmed that the company has stopped cooperation with a supplier in connection with the compromise of systems.

LEng noted that Apple was the only company whose servers have been infected with malware. Lang also added that in response to the request to provide information about the firmware, Apple engineers stated its version number, and then refused to give any data.

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