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Apple has reduced to 24 GB of SSD in the base configuration Fusion Drive in new iMac

In the current realities to do fast, capacious and affordable hybrid drive impossible. But if you sacrifice the third of these goals, opens up interesting possibilities. Apple offers buyers of Mac disk Fusion Drive, which is recognized as the most efficient hybrid solution on the market.

As it became known, the new iMac monoblocks, officially unveiled Tuesday, the Fusion Drive was not quite a welcome innovation. So, if before 1-terabyte drive included SSD portion of the volume of 128 GB, which was enough for the operating system and a large number of user files, now it installed a flash drive smaller volume. Its volume is 24 GB.

Fusion Drive in the Mac is presented as a single volume, often used files are moved dynamically on the SSD for quicker access, while infrequently used on the hard drive. It results in quicker starting time and the accumulation in the system data about the usage profile of the computer faster run programs and access files. Fusion Drive automatically implements all of these functions in the background.

Anyway, the new iMac on the fast SSD part can accommodate only the operating system and some of the most popular applications. Everything else will be stored on the slower HDD. This applies only to the all-in-one volume of drive 1 TB. If the user wants faster work with files, you have to choose the version with 2 and 3 TB – they have kept the SSD on 128 GB.

The new iMac is already available for order on the Apple website, and some authorized Resellers. 21.5-inch monoblock model is presented in three configurations priced from 89 990 rubles, 106 and 122 990 roubles 990 roubles 27-inch iMac modification is available in three configurations priced from 149 990 rubles, 162 and 189 990 rubles 990 rubles.

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