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Apple has reduced the time of moderation apps in the App Store for up to two days

Apple calls the App Store, a revolutionary online store and an innovative way of searching and purchasing software. One of the advantages of the “Apple” of the service is pre-moderation of content. In the App Store do not get apps that don’t do anything useful or are not “long lasting fun”. Until recently, the main problem of the service was the fact that developers had to wait for approval FOR an unforgivable long time.

According to the study AppReviewTimes, this week Apple has seriously reduced the average time to test applications before publishing them to App Store. The researchers analyzed statistics on more than 300 developers and came to the conclusion that now is the term for the approval of iOS apps has been reduced to two days and for OS X — up to one day. For comparison, in the beginning of last year to check one application from Apple has taken more than 8 days in December for about 5 days.

The developer of the service Button Chris Maddern in conversation with Bloomberg confirmed that the scan time at boot in the App Store decreased significantly. “Now release the application, it may take several hours from the time of filing, which speeds up the development cycle,” said he.

Rumor has it that the moderation of the games and apps in the App Store does a huge staff, but it is not so. Team of moderators is very small, as any division of Apple, which is consistent with the concept of Steve jobs, which was advocated that any kind of activity engaged in a very small group of specialists.

All the moderators are in the headquarters of Apple, and, as the company rarely compromises and employ only the best, the moderators are very few. Although the developers and write, as a rule, very high quality applications, the Department has to deal with the mountain of “garbage” that will not do, said a former Apple employee Mike Lee.

Acceleration of process of consideration of applications in the App Store will allow developers to more easily fix bugs and introduce new features, thereby quickly responding to market changes and user suggestions.

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