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Apple has reduced by 15% the price of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in India on the background of rumors about the upcoming price hike in Russia

Apple hopes to increase sales of smartphones in India through a new programme to attract buyers. Two months after the start of sales of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in the country, the company decided to reduce the price of flagship models by 15%.

The current decline in prices is an attempt by Apple to pave the way in the segment of smartphones upper price segment, because after the festival of lights in India sales of the iPhone 6s has declined substantially. The company hopes that this step will allow to increase its share in the Indian market.

“Apple reduced the price of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus two months after launch to increase sales in the most important for the company the Christmas season amid falling sales after Diwali. On average, the flagship fell by 15%,” writes the Times of India. –

Counting on high demand for iPhone in India in October, the company has delivered about 320 000 of smartphones in the rapidly growing smartphone market. However, the volume of sales did not materialize, and in November, the company reduced shipments by 62% – up to 120,000 smartphones”.

A week before Apple cut in India the prices of the iPhone 5s, making them one of the lowest in the world. Now the price of the flagship 2013 the country will start at about $370. It is almost twice cheaper than September prices for the base model iPhone 5s is set at $665. In addition, online stores Flipkart and Amazon you can find iPhone 5s at more affordable price – around $299.

It was already the third reduction of prices of iPhone 5s in the last three months. This step Apple decided to go for the sake of increasing sales at the end of the year. The prices of most Apple products in India is significant higher compared to other countries due to high import duties.

In Russia, meanwhile, sharply depreciating ruble has led manufacturers and retailers to the confusion: last year’s consumer boom is not observed, and prices for equipment are to remain the same — at least in the coming weeks. However, most stores don’t plan to raise prices in December, so as not to spoil the season of sales.

Prices on a number of gadgets might rise after the New year. Apple, apparently, one of the first would revise the price tags on the iPhone. Last week the company has already increased the cost of “smart” clock Apple Watch: price model Apple Watch Sport rose by 2 000, Apple Watch – on 4000 roubles, Apple Watch Edition – 130 000 rubles.

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