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Apple has put forward the condition under which she unlocks iPhone terrorist

In the U.S. Congress conducted hearings on the high-profile case in which the FBI is trying to get Apple ‘s help in unlocking iPhone that belonged to the terrorist. During the discussion the problem of main counsel for the Corporation Bruce Sewell said that the company will fulfill the court order about unlock iPhone terrorist, if he decides in favor of the government.

During the public hearing that was broadcast live on several TV stations, congressmen heard the position of the Apple representative and Director of the office of James Komi. Komi, in particular, stated that “we should not demonize this case” and that “FBI agents are not aliens from Mars” — they understand how important personal freedom of citizens and the inviolability of their personal data. However, in this case, when it comes to the terrorist who killed 14 people and wounded 21 people, his office will vigorously fight for the right to access to his smartphone to learn about relationships and possible associates of the offender.

Congressmen were interested in how the FBI will use the precedent of this case. One of the parliamentarians of Komi asked: if his Department will have the right to unlock the iPhone in this case, will it continue to go to court every time will need help in each particular case. The Director of the FBI answered in the affirmative, after which the Congressman replied that the FBI will be able to use a positive decision as a precedent, simplifying their task. The Director of the FBI said that the decision on this occasion, of course, can be used as a precedent, but in any case the last word on each case will be for the judges.

Head of legal service of Apple, noted that his company in no way wants to show that she supports, or protects terrorists and criminals. However, in this case the FBI wants to make it a universal way of opening the iPhone, which it cannot afford.

An Apple representative said that the security forces have already made a mistake: after the iPhone hit the terrorist in their hands, the local FBI dropped the password on the account iCloud the culprit, believing it will help them to remove the protection. However, it is, on the contrary, has complicated their task: resetting the password resulted in the fact that the data became impossible to synchronize and go for iPhone has only been possible with the help of password guessing. After that, the FBI and began to demand from Apple code, can open the lock iPhone.

In Apple say that if the FBI agents did not reset the password, they could access the data by using the automatic connect your iPhone to the terrorist Wi-Fi network in his apartment.

In the course of the hearings congressmen asked the Director of the FBI about how his Department is receiving generous funding from the Federal government and having highly skilled technicians, was not able to reveal the iPhone without Apple’s assistance, for example to extract from the smartphone memory to make a few thousand copies and try to open the defense automatic selection. The Director of the FBI said that his subordinates are familiar with many ways of data access, including to such, but in this case the Ministry wanted to obtain assistance from the company-developer.

The members of the Committee, expressed his concern that, if Apple will be ordered to assist the FBI in the future other, less major technology companies will not be able to resist such demands intelligence, because Apple don’t have the resources for lengthy and expensive court proceedings. The Committee members urged their colleagues in Congress and judges who will try the case, to take into account this point so as not to infringe on the rights of small technology companies.

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