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Apple has proven that it listens to user suggestions

On Tuesday, Apple seeded the fifth beta of iOS 9.3, which re-established the functionality of an electronic pen Apple Pencil. Thus the company has responded to numerous complaints of users due to constraints of device capabilities.

Recall that together with useful innovations in iOS 9.3 users found and very unpleasant. In the first test builds of the updates Apple has turned from Pencil stylus in a simple drawing tool. The operating system simply was disabled the function of a stylus for an electronic pen. iOS 9.3 did expensive digital pencil suitable for drawing.

The lack of support in the interface Pencil Apple has upset many users of iPad Pro. Some even were ready to accept the download and install the update, if the company decides to turn off stylus.

First, the users affected by disabling the stylus in the interface, thought it was a glitch and a bug. Later found sources that said that this is a deliberate decision by Apple. In the end, Apple publicly commented on the complaints, promising to restore the missing functionality.

“We believe that the finger will always remain the preferred method for navigation on the iPad, but we understand that some consumers use an Apple Pencil. We continue to work to improve implementation of this function and return the missing functionality to the next cycle of beta testing, said earlier Apple. – We will add this feature in the next beta version of iOS 9.3”.

In addition to the return of Apple Pencil features in the fifth beta version of iOS 9.3 were the imperfections of the main release, reported by users and developers. Specifically, Apple has simplified the management of “night mode” from the control room: if in the previous assemblies, the button opened a pop-up window, now it immediately enables or disables the feature.

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The final release of iOS 9.3 is expected in late March. Read more about all the innovations of the update can be found on this link.

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